United States Armed Forces soldier in battledress with black glasses and mask on face, armed squad automatic weapon emerges from darkness. Military threat, secret stealth mission, hybrid war combatant
Cropped close up portrait of US special operations forces soldier, marine raider, modern combatant in helmet and glasses with dirty face after difficult military mission or battle looking at camera
Modern infantry soldier, special operations forces tactical group shooter armed submachine gun with silencer, equipped radio headset and quad-tube night vision device standing in darkness, desaturated

For the poeple - not the founders

TWG is made as a game for the shareholders not the owners.

TWG has limited the coins to 500. with manual burns to keep the supply equal to the demand, withholdning a greater value for the coin. Having burns controlled by the team of TWG, helps to keep the community rewarded and informed.

The conditions of the manual burn and the amounts can be advertised and tracked.

The ownership of an underlying physical device, non-fungible assets, as well as more complex applications involving having digital assets being directly controlled by a piece of code implementing arbitrary rules. 

Token War Game Fees: Token War Game has 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 10% fee, which is split 2 ways.

* 5% fee = For the upcoming war games and reward

* 5% fee = To cover all expenses and keep a healthy cashflow, not undermining the greater perspective of a cryptocurrency.