The main token behind Token War game

Bring the gaming into crypto, and invest in the future

Not only a token - a token of value and future

Token War Game (TWG) is a DeFi token, and also the main token behind all games of Token War Game. After every end event 50% of the profit, will be added to the pool to secure a stabil token for the future.

Limited supply 
And it will be lower

Tokens at launch

A community driven token

Community driven and fair launch – Our developers has burned all tokens before launch – so everybody is equal.

Automatic LP 

And Manual burn

We see tokens as an investment, and not a P&D possibility, therefore will we secure a steady price with automatically add to a Pool, and of needed, we can burn tokens as weel

The Founding farthers

With a huge experience in financial markets, and gaming, we have chosen to combine our financial knowledge and our gaming experience to secure a future for innovation and ideas – where everybody will be able to make money on it, no matter the financial possibilities at the beginning. This token is for people there wish a better future for tokens and gaming – and of cause making money on gamingĀ 

Transactions fee
External investors
War profit
Founding farthers

Where is the profit

Every time more shareholder comes to the table, or someone leave, they will contribute to the train token, when a game has ended, 25% of the profit will be added as liquidity pool for the main token to secure long term investors will have a profit even on the long run.